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Breeding Standards

I have been breeding German Shepherd Dogs for over 25 yrs and am confident that I can provide a healthy, stable puppy for the right situation whether it be for show/breeding/working or otherwise. I take great pride in placement and have a reputation for doing so. With generations now of my own bloodlines bred to the highest standard in the World. I am hands on with all my litters and take great pride in making sure puppies are placed appropriately, I would rather return a deposit than have someone take the wrong puppy. Ultimately as Breeder's we are producing pets, rarely do dogs actually go to other show/breeding/working homes. Longevity is an important factor in my program.

Each litter is evaluated by myself, they are born in my house, watched on video cameras and assessed each day until they are ready to be placed in their homes, my set up allows me to maximize socialization. If I see a bloodline that is bringing potential health issues, the breeding dog is taken from my program and placed as a spayed or neutered pet.

For generations now I have been feeding raw and in fact started one of the first raw dogfood Companies in North America I am a minimalist with vaccination and feel many of today's health issues are linked to over vaccinating.

My guarantee is fair, not everything can be outlined in a contract, each situation has to be dealt with individually.

Most of my pedigrees can be found on the Pedigree Database.
What separates me from other Breeders is the fact I have dedicated my life to producing the best quality dog for any situation, this involves shipping my Dogs to Germany for assessment and having a German Breed Warden determine if they are breed worthy, it is not just myself making this decision. I never do a breeding without the intent on keeping something for myself, this is what a true "Breeder" does.. Before Bullinger German Shepherds breeds a litter, the parents of the litter must: have certified hips and elbows (every generation in our pedigrees meets this standard) - AD Endurance Degree, 12 miles beside a bicycle - BH Traffic sureness test. They are tested for obedience, dog aggression, friendliness to strangers - Sch1 minimum. They must pass all 3 phases of Tracking/Obedience/Protection If they show unsureness or agression towards the wrong person they are not allowed to continue. - Breed survey under a German Breed Warden - paperwork is checked to seen they have all prior requirements - Again tested for protection courage - weighed, measured, their teeth are counted, they must be within a cm of the standard
When a dog passes all these tests, then they are awarded a "Breed Survey" the highest standard in the World
to prove a dogs breedworthiness.
We have never bred a litter that did not meet these requirements.
"Explanation of German SV Titles"