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Are You A Confused Puppy Purchaser?

Let me help

Everyone says they produce the best German Shepherds…. I say prove it!

The market is swamped with German Shepherd Puppies and dogs for sale, how can the average buyer sift through it all? This is why I always tell people the Breed has been divided 4 different ways. You have your EXTREME WORK, not always suitable for families, but desirable drive for Police or Sport homes, no “off switch”. You have your EXTREME SHOW. These are the dogs that acquire Championships and Best in Shows, they do not necessarily have to have the correct German Shepherd Temperament to do so. Did you know you could win the largest all Breed Show in the World and not even have to have Certified hips or elbows! You have your BACKYARD BREEDER, which nobody really knows what is being bred, it is just someone wanting to experience birth, or to sell puppies for make money. The true German Shepherd is the GOLDEN MIDDLE, the hardest dog to breed for, which is why it is hard to find a good German Shepherd because of the expense and difficulty in proving dogs are breedworthy. The German SV over looks the Breed and helps determine if dogs should be bred.

Some people don’t like the Breeders that have a larger operation because they think the dogs are not as exposed to real life situations or properly socialized. This could be true, but this is where we have the expertise and years of experience to do it properly.

My puppies are raised in my house in my indoor whelping areas and monitored on cameras.

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I am at home all day, not someone that leaves for work and comes home afterwards to tend to the dogs. My property is set up to optimize the dogs in the kennels time out and exercise

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”these exercise poles were developed by my trainer Karl Heinz Pahl in Germany, they work like a horse hot walker”.

The dogs are transported to training classes in our custom 10 dog trailer.

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It is important they are given socialization off the property and experience life outside a kennel. We have our own Schutzhund field and ring training ring.

All areas of my house and property are set up and dog friendly

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and yes, they do get to swim in the pool!

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Puppies are taken to the Common Sense Dogfood Office to experience different situations

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Dogs are an intricate part of my life, there is always one with me.

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Many new Breeder’s are trying to do the right thing, but don’t have years of experience with bloodlines to truly know if they are producing a healthy, correct temperament German Shepherd dog, although the intention is there, it takes years of research and hands on work to do so. Many Breeder’s also do not train their own dogs, they are Manager’s or some even just Importers of unknown bloodlines. I have generations now of my own lines bred to the SV Standard, this makes placement of the puppies easier when you are familiar with what the long term outcome will be.

Although I do my best, there is no 100%. If Breeders say they never have had a problem, they either have not bred enough litters or are not telling the truth. It is all about percentages. I stand behind my dogs and am proud of what I have produced.
I hope you will consider a Bullinger Shepherd as your next companion.