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Bullinger German ShepherdsBullinger German Shepherds

German Shepherd Puppies For Sale

All puppies are sold on non breeding agreements, this can only be opened if the dogs achieve the SV standard for breeding.  Each puppy is personally selected for the situation they go to, this is why you never see pictures of puppies on my website. Reservations are by deposit only, early bookings are recommended and placed in date order.

All of Bullinger German Shepherd litters are bred to the highest standards in the World. To view the standard we breed to please read Breeding Standards

For inquiries or to reserve your German Shepherd puppy today please call 604-856-8536


Sire:*V Iron de la Citee des Orchidees IPO3

Dam:*V Brooklyn v Bullinger IPO1 (VA Etoo daughter)

due Sept. 23rd

Sire:*V Strong end Soft Nixon IPO3 (VA Fred son) 

Dam:*VA Qya v Bullinger IPO3 (VA Gower daughter)  2 Time VA and USA Vice Siegerin
due Sept 25th

Sire:*VA Pacino I del Barranquet IPO3 VA Switzerland, Sweden and Canada

Dam:*V Xavi v Bullinger IPO2 (VA  Wallaby daughter)
due Oct 7th

Sire:*V Strong end Soft Nixon IPO3 (VA Fred son) 

Dam:*V Zinnia v Bullinger IPO3 (VA Quenn daughter)
due Oct 7th